We employ a trio of lost-art techniques in the creation of Marezzo Stone pieces. Far more refined than simple cast stone or concrete, the combination of these historical techniques yields a level of refinement and creative freedom which cannot be achieved in any other stone medium.

SCAGLIOLA: First appearing in ancient Rome, Scagliola developed into a sophisticated art in the hands of brilliant artisans in the Baroque buildings of 17th century Italy. Crushing stones such as alabaster and selenite into powder and adding natural binders, Scagliola aims to use mineral stones as though clay. Once a highly revered medium for columns, ornament and elaborate table tops.

MAREZZO SCAGLIOLA:  A distinctly American variation having all but disappeared before the 20th century, the Marezzo Scagliola process is suited to using the natural stone materials to highlight their inherent beauty. Unparalleled for creating fireplace mantles, columns, and similar architectural ornament.

BARBOTINE:  Dating back as far as ancient Egypt, "couler en barbotine" is a method of adding dimensional ornamentation or relief to a stone or ceramic surface.  Marezzo, Ltd. has adapted ancient techniques for use in new and exciting ways.